Professional Social Sharing Buttons, Icons & Related Posts – Shareaholic WordPress 插件

Professional Social Sharing Buttons, Icons & Related Posts – Shareaholic WordPress 插件


Shareaholic is the world’s leading suite of Audience Growth & Engagement tools. It allows you to add Award-Winning Social Share Buttons, Related Posts, Content Analytics, Ad Monetization, and more to your website.

This plugin makes it easy for any website — big or small — to engage and grow their traffic, market their content, gain insight, and monetize their audience. And it all lives in one simple dashboard.

We do all this in a lightweight & lightening fast package by using advanced code optimization techniques such a selective and lazy loading. The plugin loads just the functionality that you have selected and when necessary.

Also, because all the tools are integrated, you’ll have a set of tools on your website that are designed to work perfectly together with no conflicts, headaches or slow downs.

In fact, Shareaholic is recognized by WP Engine as an “Essential Speed Friendly Social Media & SEO Toolkit”. Kinsta upon testing determined that the plugin doesn’t add much load time overall to a WordPress site. A mere 14 milliseconds. That is less than 1/20th of a blink of an eye!

One on one email support is available. Visit our Support Center or reach out to our team directly. Rest easy knowing real people are ready to help you. Everyone on our Customer Care team is an experienced Shareaholic user and you can even upgrade to pro for access to a dedicated account manager.

To learn about the latest Product Updates, please visit our blog.

Social Media Share Buttons

Make it easy for your visitors to share social content with their friends with Shareaholic’s award-winning Social Media Share Buttons. This is the ultimate set of Social Tools for your website.

Share Buttons demo

  • Official Share Counters and Share Buttons for Facebook, Pinterest, and more
  • Official integration with Google Analytics
  • Full support for: WhatsApp, Facebook share sharing, Twitter sharing, Pinterest sharing, Instagram sharing, Reddit sharing, LinkedIn sharing, Gmail sharing, Delicious sharing, OneNote sharing, Evernote sharing, Stumbleupon sharing, Digg sharing, Tumblr sharing, Hootsuite sharing, Buffer sharing, Fancy sharing, Wanelo sharing, Yummly sharing, WeHeartIt sharing, Flipboard sharing, Printfriendly sharing, Amazon Wishlist sharing, Instapaper sharing, Pocket sharing, Odnoklassniki sharing, Houzz sharing, Hacker News sharing, sharing, Vk sharing, etc
  • Supports theme features such as HTML5 & XHTML, widgets, plugins, infinite scroll, post formats, and mobile optimization
  • Supported URL Shorteners: Bitly (including custom tracking),, TinyURL,
  • Vector share buttons & follow buttons (SVG icons)
  • Learn more about Share Buttons

Share Count Recovery

  • [Premium] Never worry about losing your share counts when you change URLs, adjust your site taxonomy, or switch to HTTPS. Our proprietary technology ensures that no matter how your URLs change, your share counts stay the same.
  • Learn more about Share Count Recovery

Privacy Features

The German computer magazine c’t has developed “Shariff” (ʃɛɹɪf) that follows the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR – Regulation (EU) 2016/679). This plugin adapts the Shariff concept.

The “original” share buttons from Facebook, Pinterest and others automatically transmit data of your visitors to the social network sites as soon as they visit your website. They do not need to click on a share button for this to happen and therefore have no choice. Shareaholic enables visitors to see how popular your page is and display share buttons without this needless leakage to the social networks (unless they decide to share, of course). This is done via server-side code that is part of this plugin to fetch share counts. Once fetched, share counts are cached to ensure maximum performance.

To take advantage of this privacy feature, enable “Share Count Proxy” under Advanced Settings.

Share Buttons for Images

  • Automatically add Pinterest’s “Pin It” button and other social share buttons directly onto the images on your site to increase outbound traffic to your social sites, and inbound traffic to your website.
  • Includes integrated share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more!

Share Buttons for Images demo

Floating Share Buttons

  • Increase social sharing by 2x or more by adding our Share Button plugin that hovers on the side of the page, rather than in the page content.

Floating Share Buttons demo

Related Posts

  • Increases pageviews, engagement, and time on site by highlighting related content & related posts that may not otherwise be discovered on your site. Shareaholic is not just yet another related content plugin. It’s simple installation & content dashboard allows you quickly customize what content is delivered and where on your site. You’ll be using well-engineered and optimized code that won’t slow or block your pages from loading.
  • Help your users rediscover your entire content by including related posts on all of your pages.
  • Choose between several themes to seamlessly match your site’s theme, design, and personality.
  • Automatically utilizes post keywords specified in the “All in One SEO Pack”, “WordPress SEO by Yoast”, “Add Meta Tags”, and other plugins.
  • Promote and advertise your content and products across our network using our Related Content Advertising Tools
  • Optimized for mobile devices like the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android mobile phones, and more.
  • Learn more about Related Posts

Content Analytics

  • Shareaholic is proud to be an official Google Analytics Technology Partner.
  • Shareaholic provides you with important actionable metrics including insights into popular pages on your website, referral channels, and top refrerrers who are spreading your web pages on the internet on your behalf, bringing more traffic and new visitors to your site.
  • Shareaholic automatically and seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics, including UTM tracking parameters, to provide Google Analytics social data in your Shareaholic dashboard and Shareaholic data in your Google Analytics dashboard.
  • See social and page analytics by content, author, and custom tags.
  • Discover how visitors find each story, product, author, and section, so you can build distribution strategies that work.
  • Measure author performance and focus on authors who get the best results.
  • Check whether your campaigns are targeting Verified Human audiences who are actually capable of purchasing your product or service
  • Learn more about Google Analytics integration

Social Follow Buttons

  • Grow your social following and page views with our easily customizable social plugin and tools for adding social follow buttons directly to your page.
  • Supported services include: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn ,Spotify, Pinterest, Etsy, BuzzFeed, iTunes, Tumblr, Vimeo, eBay, 500px,, Baidu, Behance, Better Business Bureau, Bloglovin, Disqus, Dribbble, Feedly, Flickr, Foursquare, Github, Google Classroom, Houzz, LinkedIn Company, LiveJournal, TikTok, Odnoklassniki, Polyvore, RSS, Skype, SlideShare, SoundCloud, Stack Overflow, StumbleUpon, Tripadvisor, Vine, VK, Yelp, Zillow
  • Learn more about Follow Buttons

GDPR Cookie Notice

  • Actively notify your visitors that your site uses cookies through a message bar at the top or bottom of your page
  • Target EU and EEA visitors specifically or show to everyone
  • Supports both IPv4 and IPv6 IP address lookups for maximum geo accuracy
  • Learn more about Cookie Consent Notice

Monetize your Site

  • Affiliate Links: Automatically turn your site’s existing links into rewards. Clicks that turn into purchases from our ever-expanding universe of 35,000+ retailers, turn into commissions for you with zero additional effort.
  • Outstream Video: Monetize your content with highly viewable and in-demand video ads through Outstream video units that appear between paragraphs on your pages.
  • Promoted Native Content: Generate revenue with targeted content recommendations from our sponsored content marketplace. Each time your readers click through to sponsored articles, you make money.

Additional features

  • GDPR Compliant – Automatically anonymizes EU/EEA Visitor data and provides a layer of protection that prevents data leakage typically associated with Share Count lookups
  • Compatible with Gutenberg editor
  • 100% Customizable – Choose from several themes to match your site’s design or personalize your own to create a custom look.
  • Mobile Optimized – Responsive and retina display friendly. Shareaholic will work and look great on all mobile devices and tablets.
  • Built for Scale – It doesn’t matter if your website generates 1 or a 100 million views. Shareaholic scales to any size and will work just as well.
  • Monetize – Make money with minimal effort while retaining full control at all times.
  • Fast & Secure – We use industry best practices to make our code as fast and unobtrusive as possible, meaning – for example – that the performance impact is comparable to adding Google Analytics to your site. Because all of the processing and collection runs on our servers and not yours, it doesn’t cause any additional load on your hosting account. In addition, our JavaScript is hosted on Amazon’s CDN to make fetching it as blazing fast and reliable as possible. In fact, it’s one of the fastest proven analytics systems, hosted or not hosted, that you can use.
  • Integrations – We’re officially partnered with GoDaddy, WP Engine, Siteground, Cloudflare, Google & others to ensure that Shareaholic is safe, stable, and speedy.

Recent Updates

  • Social Share Count Recovery (learn more)
  • Google Analytics integration (setup guide)
  • Promoted Content
  • Post-Share Follow Buttons
  • Shareaholic Teams
  • Official support for WooCommerce

You’re in Great Company

Shareaholic is used and trusted by hundreds of thousands of websites like yours and touches over 300 million people each month. Designed and built with all the love in the world in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Note: The analytics portion of Shareaholic may use trusted 3rd party services like Google Analytics and AppNexus to enhance its data.

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Special Thanks & Credits

The plugin wouldn’t be half of what it is today if it weren’t for people like you who take the time to help it grow! Whether it be by submitting bug reports, translations, or maybe even a little development help.

A special thanks to some of you who have helped us out a great deal:

Complete credits on

Shareaholic in Your Language

Shareaholic is used all over the world. Our goal is to support Shareaholic in the native language of all our users and people who want to use our products.

All text across all Apps such as Share Buttons, Cookie Consent, Content Recommendations, etc are customizable to any language.

The Shareaholic Plugin Admin UI itself is currently localized in the following languages:

  • Catalan – Català (ca)
  • Chinese Simplified – 简体中文 (zh-CN)
  • Chinese Traditional – 中國傳統的 (zh-TW)
  • Dutch (nl)
  • English (en)
  • Estonian – Eestlane (et)
  • French – Français (fr)
  • German – Deutsch (de)
  • Greek – Ελληνικά (el)
  • Italian – Italiano (it)
  • Japanese – 日本語 (ja)
  • Polish – polski (pl)
  • Portuguese (pt)
  • Romanian – Română (ro)
  • Russian – Русский (ru)
  • Spanish – Español (es)
  • Swedish – svenska (sv)
  • Turkish – Türk (tr)
  • Vietnamese – Tiếng Việt (vi)
  • Contribute a translation! — we would appreciate your help in translating Shareaholic into even more languages! It doesn’t take much to get started. Instructions.

Social Platform Integrations

  • Social Follow Buttons: Facebook follow buttons, Twitter follow buttons, Instagram follow buttons, YouTube follow buttons, LinkedIn, Spotify, Pinterest follow buttons, Etsy, BuzzFeed, iTunes, Tumblr, Vimeo, eBay, 500px,, Meetup, Patreon, Medium, Snapchat, Slack, Baidu, Behance, Better Business Bureau (BBB), Bloglovin, Disqus, Dribbble, Feedly, Flickr, Foursquare, Github, Google Classroom, Houzz, LinkedIn, LiveJournal, Odnoklassniki (OK), Polyvore, RSS, Skype, SlideShare, Strava, SoundCloud, Stack Overflow, StumbleUpon, Tripadvisor, Vine, VK, Yelp, Zillow

  • Social Share Buttons: Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Skype share buttons, SMS share button, StumbleUpon share buttons, Tumblr, Twitter, Telegram, Mix, Amazon Kindle share buttons, Amazon share buttons, Amazon Wish List, AOL Mail, Arto, Baidu,, Blogger Post, Box, Buffer, Delicious, Digg, Diigo, Diigolet, Email This, Evernote, Facebook Send, Fancy, Fark, Flipboard share buttons, GMail share buttons, Google Bookmarks, Google Classroom, Google Mail, HootSuite share buttons, Houzz share buttons,, Instapaper, Kik, Line share buttons, LinkedIn share buttons, Mail, Meneame, Microsoft OneNote, Mixi, MSDN, Odnoklassniki (OK), Outlook, Parler,, Pinterest, Plurk, Pocket share buttons, Print share buttons, PrintFriendly share buttons, Read Later share buttons, Reddit share buttons, Sina Weibo, Skype share buttons, SMS,, Stumpedia, Symphony, Techmeme, TinyURL, TypePad Post, Viadeo, Vkontakte (VK), Wanelo, We Heart It, WhatsApp, Windows Live Favorites, WordPress share buttons, Wykop, Xing, Yahoo! Mail, Yammer, YC Hacker News, Yummly, Viber, Trello, Facebook Messenger



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