WP Accessibility WordPress 插件

WP Accessibility WordPress 插件


This plug-in helps with a variety of common accessibility problems in WordPress themes. While most accessibility issues can’t be addressed without directly changing your theme, WP Accessibility adds a number of helpful accessibility features with a minimum amount of setup or expert knowledge.

WP Accessibility is not intended to make your site compatible with any accessibility guidelines.

All features can be disabled according to your theme’s needs. For advanced users, all of the functions based on modifying stylesheets can be customized using your own custom styles by placing the appropriate stylesheet in your theme directory.

Theme Accessibility Features added by WP Accessibility

These are features that address issues caused by inaccessible themes.

  • Add skip links with user-defined targets. (Customizable targets and appearance.)
  • Add language and text direction attributes to your HTML attribute if missing.
  • Add an outline to the keyboard focus state for focusable elements.
  • Add a long description to images. Use the image’s “Description” field to add long descriptions.
  • Enforcement for alt attributes on images in the Classic editor.
  • Identify images without alt attributes in the Media Library
  • Add labels to standard WordPress form fields (search, comments)
  • Add post titles to “read more” links.
  • Remove tabindex from elements that are focusable. (Also fixes plugin-caused problems.)
  • Remove user-scalable=no to allow resizing.

WordPress Core Accessibility Issues fixed by WP Accessibility

These are features that address issues caused by current or past WordPress core accessibility issues. (Issues added in content, such as target or title attributes, are persistent even when WordPress is updated.)

  • Force a search page error when a search is made with an empty text string. (If your theme has a search.php template.)
  • Remove redundant title attributes from tag clouds.
  • Disable default enabling of full screen block editor.

Content specific fixes:

  • Strip title attributes from images inserted into content.
  • Remove the target attribute from links.

Accessibility Tools in WP Accessibility:

These are tools provided to help you identify issues you may need to fix.

  • Test the color contrast between two provided hexadecimal color values.
  • Enable diagnostic CSS to show CSS-detectable problems in visual editor or on front-end of site.
  • Search your media library on content in alt text fields.

Learn more! Read about the accessibility issues corrected by WP Accessibility!

The plug-in is intended to help with deficiencies commonly found in themes and to solve some issues in WordPress core. It can’t correct every problem (by a long shot), but provides tools to fix some issues, supplement the accessibility of your site, or identify problems.


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