Ultimate Blocks – Gutenberg Blocks Plugin WordPress 插件

Ultimate Blocks – Gutenberg Blocks Plugin WordPress 插件


Ultimate Blocks is a Gutenberg blocks Plugin for bloggers and marketers. Our goal is to make it insanely easy for you to create better and engaging content with Gutenberg.

Ultimate Blocks currently includes the following blocks:

  • Content Filter – View Demo
  • Review (Schema Markup Enabled) – View Demo
  • HowTo Schema – View Demo
  • Table of Contents – View Demo
  • Tabbed Content – View Demo
  • Call to Action – View Demo
  • Content Toggle (Accordion) – View Demo
  • Styled Box – View Demo
  • Styled List – View Demo
  • Expand – View Demo
  • Testimonial – View Demo
  • Click to Tweet – View Demo
  • Social Share – View Demo
  • Countdown – View Demo
  • Progress Bar – View Demo
  • Post Grid – View Demo
  • Star Rating – View Demo
  • Image Slider – View Demo
  • Button (Improved) – View Demo
  • Divider – View Demo

We have more exciting blocks in the making. Have a suggestion? Let us know.

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More Info About the Blocks

Content Filter
Content Filter lets your visitors filter the content based on different filters. You can let your users go through your content more easily.

Review Block
Add a review block with product name, features, summary, button and star rating. It is Schema Markup enabled.

HowTo Schema Block
Add HowTo Schema with sections, steps and valid schema data.

Table of Contents Block
Generate a table of contents from your headings.

Tabbed Content Block
Add content in tabs in your posts/pages. This comes with a nice drag and drop feature to sort the tabs.

Call to Action Block
Add a nice call to action box with a button. Encourage users to take action, engage more. You can customize everything in the block.

Content Toggle
Add contents in accordions. Let visitors expand them and show the content.

Styled Box Block
Add styled box like – Notification box, Number box, Feature box in your content. Three templates now, more in the making.

Styled List Block
This block lets you add a styled list in your post or pages. Instead of bullets you can use various icons as your list style type. You can also choose color for icons.

Expand Block
Expand Block lets you add expandable content. You can hide some part of your content initially. Upon clicking on ‘Show More’ it will show. It can be hidden again.

Testimonial Block
Nice, simple testimonial box with option to add image, name, role of the testimonial author.

Click to Tweet
Add tweetable content in your posts/pages.

Social Share Block
Add social share buttons in your posts and pages with this blocks. It comes with lots of customization options too.

Countdown Block
Add a countdown in your post/pages. Comes with three different styles.

Progress Bar Block
Add Cirle/Line Progress bar with this blocks. Comes with options to change thickness, color.

Post Grid Block
Add a list or grid of your posts. Comes with options to change categories, order and many more.

Star Rating Block
Add Star ratings in your posts/pages. You can customize size, color, numbers of stars.

Image Slider Block
Add a lightweight, simple image slider in your post. Comes with additional settings.

Button Block
Button block with more customization options and controls.

Divider Block
Add custom divider between your blocks. Customize the color, size, everything.



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