BlossomThemes Social Feed WordPress 插件

BlossomThemes Social Feed WordPress 插件


BlossomThemes Social Feed plugin allows you to show your Instagram profile on your website. The plugin works best with BlossomThemes’ themes.

You can display up to 25 photos with maximum 10 photos in each row.

The plugin generates shortcode and widget. So, you can show your Instagram feed either inside your posts and/or on the sidebars.

The plugin is very easy to use.

Generating your Instagram Shortcode

Once activated, a menu named “BlossomThemes Social Feed” will be created on the WordPress dashboard.

Go to BlossomThemes Social Feed. Then, on the General tab, click Connect with Instagram, the Access Token, and your Instagram username gets captured automatically once you authorize the plugin to access your photos. Select number of photos to display (max. 25), select number of photos per row (max. 10 photos per row), and then click on “Save Changes”.

Then, go to Usage tab, copy the shortcode and use it on your posts. As easy as that!

Using Widget

The plugin will create a widget called “BlossomThemes: Instagram”. So, go to Appearance> Widgets on your Admin dashboard, select the BlossomThemes: Instagram widget and place it in the desired sidebar.

If you do not enter the Instagram username in the widget, the username assigned on the main plugin page (on BlossomThemes Social Feed) will be used.

Tutorial Link

How to authorize Instagram account for BlossomThemes Social Feed Plugin?


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