Feeds for YouTube (YouTube video, channel, and gallery plugin) WordPress 插件

Feeds for YouTube (YouTube video, channel, and gallery plugin) WordPress 插件


Display customizable YouTube channel feeds on your website. Feed YouTube channel content automatically to your website in a powerful and customizable gallery.

YouTube Feed Features

  • Completely Customizable YouTube feeds – by default inherits your theme’s styles
  • Completely responsive and mobile optimized – your feeds look great on any screen size
  • Light and low overhead – minimal bloat and optimized requests to YouTube
  • Multiple layouts – display videos from any YouTube channel in a list, gallery, or grid layout
  • Multiple feeds from different YouTube channels on multiple pages or widgets
  • Lightning fast – post caching and minimized YouTube API requests means that your feed loads lightning fast
  • Infinitely load more of your videos with the ‘Load More’ button
  • Built-in easy to use YouTube Feed Widget
  • Fully internationalized and translatable into any language
  • Includes a header at the top of your feed
  • Enter your own custom CSS or JavaScript for even deeper customization

For simple step-by-step directions on how to set up the Feeds for YouTube plugin please refer to our setup guide.


  • Increase social engagement between you and your subscribers
  • Save time by using the plugin to generate dynamic, search engine crawlable content on your website
  • Get more subscribers by displaying your videos directly on your site
  • Display your channel content your way to perfectly match your website’s style
  • The plugin is updated regularly with new features, bug-fixes and API changes
  • Support is quick, effective, and always happy to help
  • We’re dedicated to providing the most customizable, robust and well supported YouTube gallery plugin in the world!

Feedback or Support

Customer support is a huge deal to us. We pride ourselves on always providing quick, effective, and courteous support to all of our users. If you’re having an issue with our plugin then just let us know and we’ll be there to help as soon as possible. You can either open a ticket on the support forum on WordPress.org, or directly on our website.

If you like the plugin then please consider leaving a review, as it really helps to support the plugin. If you have an issue then please allow us to help you fix it before leaving a review. Just let us know what the problem is and we’ll get back to you right away.

Pro Version

We plan on releasing a Pro version which includes some awesome additional features to help you display your content in even more powerful ways:

  • Display YouTube videos from your favorites list
  • Integrate the YouTube Live API to show live streaming videos on your site.
  • Display a YouTube gallery in a carousel slider
  • Allow filtering of videos using keywords in the description or title
  • Fully functional search endpoint for display videos from a search result
  • Combine multiple feeds into one
  • Customizable actions when video completes like displaying a link to a product page for example, or displaying thumbnails of your other videos.
  • Download video data into a custom post type to allow visitors to browse and view videos on your website.

How to use the “Feeds for YouTube” plugin

One of our main priorities has always been to make our plugins as easy as possible to setup and use. Once you’ve installed the “Feeds for YouTube” plugin there are only a few steps to get up and running:

  • 1) Follow the simple steps after clicking “Add New”.
  • 2) Once you’ve connected an account or added an API key, build your feed with our customizer
  • 3) Then simply copy and paste the [youtube-feed feed=1] shortcode onto any page, post, or widget where you want your feed to be displayed.

That’s it! You can return to the settings page to edit any feed.

For full step-by-step setup directions with screenshots, see here.

Who’s behind this plugin?

We’re Smash Balloon; a fun-loving WordPress plugin development company birthed into existence in early 2013. We specialize in creating social media plugins (for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube) that are not only intuitive and simple to use, but also designed to integrate seamlessly into your website and allow you to display your social media content in powerful and unique ways. Over 1 million awesome people have decided to actively use our free plugins, which is an incredible honor that we don’t take lightly. This compels us to try to provide the quickest and most effective customer support that we can, blowing users away with the best customer service they’ve ever experienced.

To find out more about the team, see here.



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