Appointment and Event Booking Calendar for WordPress – Amelia WordPress 插件

Appointment and Event Booking Calendar for WordPress – Amelia WordPress 插件


Amelia Lite WordPress Booking Plugin is a free, well-established booking system for the smooth management of online appointment scheduling and event reservation processes. This practical booking system will take away the burden of repetitive tasks in a technically accurate and easy-navigating way.

Amelia Lite WordPress Booking Plugin presents services and events in a perfectly organized booking calendar, enabling your clients to find the most convenient time frame for their appointment or to reserve their spot for the upcoming event.

Amelia Lite WordPress Booking Plugin is an excellent solution for small companies and individuals, event organisers and managers. Amelia’s appointment and event scheduler guarantee a comfortable and user-friendly experience. In addition, all front-end and back-end elements were designed with the mobile-first concept in mind, and the admin and customer interfaces work perfectly across various devices.

Who is Amelia Lite WordPress Booking Plugin for?

Many businesses and individuals who depend on stable appointment booking, service booking, or event scheduling on their WordPress websites can entirely rely on Amelia appointment and event booking system.

  • Salons (hair salons, nail salons, cosmetologists, chiropractors, tattoo artists, piercing studios, tan salons, etc.)
  • Consultants (coaches, lawyers, psychologists, bookkeepers)
  • Healthcare (doctors, dentists, nutritionists, homeopaths)
  • Education (online tutors, language teachers, private lessons)
  • Fitness & Gyms (yoga classes, personal trainers, dance instructors, online classes)
  • Coaching sessions (perfect for online classes and online coaching sessions)
  • Personal and Professional Services (photographers, cleaning, catering, automotive services and technicians, musicians)
  • Any Event type

A free appointment and event scheduling app gives your business the freedom to grow

  • No more no-shows with email and SMS reminders and follow-ups.
  • Reach global customers with automatically detected time/zones and online meetings and events.
  • Developers and website admins love Amelia’s WP admin panel easy to understand and uses clean, concise code with webhooks.

Amelia’s booking plugin features new modern, smooth & fast appointment booking form optimized for conversion and ready in minute

Amelia Lite WordPress Booking Plugin Functionalities our users love:

  • Booking forms for online appointments and events scheduling with great UI and UX your customers will love
    You can easily embed appointment-booking forms with two shortcodes: [ameliabooking] or [ameliacatalog}.- By choosing one of them, you can choose whether you want to show the booking flow in a step-by-step view to your customers or you prefer the catalogue view. With catalogue view, all services are presented in the form of cards.
  • Easily embeddable event-booking form with the [ameliaevents] shortcode which allows you to show your events in a form of a list where all the most important informations will be shown: Event date and time, location, capacity, status, price etc.
  • A convenient Calendar view on the back-end, giving a complete overview of all scheduled appointments end events – Calendar Admin View
  • Configuration of your provider’s details and working schedule so you can choose in which time frames you want to be available for booking –General Settings
  • Creation of services and categories in which those services will be organised – Services and Service Categories
  • Creation of Events that can last one or multiple days – Events
  • Tracking your booking business’ KPIs in the Dashboard like revenue, percentage of load, number of approved appointments and conversions. You can also take a look at your next upcoming appointments easily – Dashboard page
  • Customization of booking confirmation Email and SMS notifications for both customers and the provider – Email and SMS notifications
  • Automatic prevention of double-booking
  • Picking a primary between 20+ languages – Spanish, German, Dutch, Russian, Romanian, French, Finnish, Italian, Swedish, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese, Greek, Arabic, Slovak, Hungarian, Danish, Belgian, Japanese, Polish, Hebrew, and Chinese translation.
  • Setting the redirect URL on which the customers will be redirected after the booking
  • You can build your website pages with booking forms using Elementor, Divi, or Gutenberg blocks
  • Importing customers from a CSV file – Import Customers
  • Showing booking slots on the Calendar in the client’s time zone
  • Easy customization of the booking form to fit your branding – How to Customize
  • No coding or design skills are required to embed Amelia booking shortcode into your website – Amelia Booking shortcode

Configuring Amelia Lite Booking System to receive your first appointment or event booking through WordPress is a 5-minute job. However, you can create an online reservation system for events or service appointment booking with just a few simple settings.

Here is how:

5 easy steps to set up Amelia Lite Booking System:

  1. Go to your WordPress’ admin page, open Amelia -> Services, and add categories and services, as described here.

  2. If you already have a customers database you can easily Import it on the Customers page.

  3. Customize the colors for your booking form on our Customize page.

  4. Add Amelia booking plugin shortcode for the desired booking form to one of your posts or pages. For appointments, add [ameliabooking] or [ameliacatalog] shortcode, for events add [ameliaevents] shortcode. If on your website, you have different pages for different categories of services or each of your service has a page and you want to show the booking form just for one certain service/category you can use our “Preselect Booking Parameters” option while adding the shortcode to the page or post and select one specific category or service that will be shown for the booking.

  5. Save it and you are ready to receive your first bookings.

Note: You can customize provider details and schedule on the General Settings page.

Important note:  Online payments, integrations, unlimited number of employees, custom notifications, reminders, multilingual support, different ticket options for events and other features are not available in Amelia Lite. If you want to know more about Amelia paid versions, please visit our official Amelia Booking home page. To try out visit Amelia Demo.

What you can find in the commercial version of Amelia Appointment and Event Booking Plugin

  • Email and SMS scheduled notifications (different types of reminders and follow-ups)
  • Custom notifications – create new templates, multiple reminders or follow-ups, schedule them at different times or create a specific message for each service
  • Recurring appointments – book multiple appointments for the same service that will repeat in a specific time increment
  • Custom Fields for the booking forms – create different types of custom fields for the customer to enter during the booking process (special requests, their address, file upload or any question relevant to your business)
  • Integrate with Zoom, Google Meet, Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Lesson Space, Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics
  • Accept Online payments through PayPal, Stripe, WooCommerce, Mollie, and Razorpay
  • Search the booking form for Appointments that give you the option to show the available appointments based on the search criteria
  • Event Calendar booking form that gives you the option to show upcoming events in a monthly calendar view
  • Manage multiple employees – create the employees’ database, with specific working hours, service schedule, capacity and price for each, as well as configuring the days off and special days
  • Manage multiple locations – suitable for the businesses that offer their services in multiple locations
  • Multilingual support – translate the names of services, categories, events, extras, notification templates, etc. into multiple languages that customers can choose on your website
  • More customizable options to fully adjust your booking experience – choosing colours, order of the fields and which fields will be mandatory
  • Custom service options such as group booking, buffer times before and after the appointment, extras, deposit payments, and types of payments for each service and event
  • Customers panel and Employees panel for tracking and managing appointments and events
  • Discount coupons for bookings – creating and sending discount coupons to the loyal customers
  • Packages of services – creating the packages (bundles) of one or multiple services with a discount available to customers on the booking form
  • Event tickets – create and offer different types of tickets for each event, with different prices
  • Set up the minimum or maximum number of attendees for each event
  • WebHooks – connect Amelia with any other application using several different hooks and choosing which data you want to send
  • WhatsApp integration – remind your customers or event attendees with WhatsApp reminders and follow-up messages


In one of our newest versions, we introduced a new, remodelled and improved appointment booking form.

With this booking form, UX and UI are pushed to the next level. New appointment scheduling form is smoother, steps load faster and the conversion rate is higher.

What makes new booking form the best on the market:

  • Modern design

A new booking form is modern, looks attractive, and contains crucial booking-related information. The entire booking process consists of several intuitive and easy-to-navigate steps. We took a closer look at the behaviour of the users and improved the whole booking process for appointment and event booking. Each action your client needs during the booking process is disposable and a click away. The UI design of the new booking form skyrockets the UX improvement.

  • Category selection

Navigation through a list of your services is easier compared to the old booking experience. During the appointment process, your clients can click through all service categories. All services are organized within dropdown menus, and grouped by categories. This type of preview gives them a detailed insight into all services you offer.

  • Smooth and animated step-to-step transition

A step-to-step transition process is accelerated with modern loaders working from behind. Transitional animations appearing when moving from one step to another are modernizing the entire process, making the scheduling process more interesting.

  • Contact us option

If your clients have any questions or concerns, they can contact you using clickable email that is positioned at a visible place. This feature is optional.

  • Sidebar with the selected booking-related details

Display of the booking process in real-time is presented via sidebar. This is how finished and unfinished steps are differentiated. Before the definite scheduling confirmation, your clients can edit every process by clicking on the step back. This option helps them to navigate the booking process.

  • Larger booking calendar with available and unavailable time slots

The booking calendar is larger, therefore each customer can easily see the difference between available and unavailable days.

  • A better summary of the finished booking

The improved form offers easy tracking of all past bookings recapitulation out of the client dashboard.

  • Simple customization page

You can effortlessly customize the form to extend where the look and feel match your brand needs. Designs you can achieve with new options are numerous. The form will appear to your users as more attractive.

  • Improved loading speed

By adding more up-to-date technology and logic, we’ve managed to speed up the loading process. This is one of the crucial benefits. Your customer booking experience will become faster and smoother which will directly impact the number of finished bookings.

  • Improved conversion rate

The intuitive, simple, informative, and fast-loading form will give your customers the joy of smooth and effortless usage. This will impact the customers’ retention rate increment.

New Form vs Old Form

New booking form is faster to load, more insightful, more intuitive, easier to navigate, and comes with more customization options. Setting up the new booking form is easier, and the usage is straightforward. And what’s most important, the new and improved Amelia Booking System is inviting and conversion-optimized.

Note: The old appointment booking form will be available until the total switch to the new form happens, which the users will be informed about in a timely manner.


Great services and events plugin!

I just started using the Lite version of Amelia and found that it perfectly fits my use-cases for booking services and events. I really appreciate all the documentation and videos that are available to help set up the plugin, and I’ve also found the Amelia support people to be super responsive to configuration questions that I had. Highly recommended! – psobolev

Great support

I have been using Amelia for almost a year now and their support is really great! They have been extremely helpful. The plugin is pretty good too and offers a lot of features that many people will find very helpful. – javenarius

Great value, clean and easy set-up

Clean and neat UI, easy to set-up and great value compared to a few other booking plugins that I’ve tested. Certain features that are paid in other booking plugins already come prepackaged.
– clemwp

Excellent plugin, Awesome Support

I really like the functionality of Amelia and it suits my business needs to the fullest. The support team was very responsive and they were able to resolve all of the issues that I encountered.
Highly recommended. – rjnne

Easy setup, great support

I needed a plugin for bookings, classes, and events, and Amelia ticks all the boxes. Easy to setup and customise, and the support has been fantastic when I’ve had a couple of questions. Great plugin! – Gaye Nilson

Excellent plugin

We have used the plugin now for over a year and we’re really pleased with the breadth of the functionality offered and the flexibility this provides to our business. Also support offered by TMS plugins is top notch. We’ve had to deal with a corner case issue and the competent support people from TMS plugins were able to zoom in and solve the problem quickly. If you need a top quality plugin like Amelia, look no further. – edelnaturals

Just GREAT!!

Thanks for all,
I was convinced by functionalities of amelia against its competitors.
I’ve been convinced by support team that was just great:
– full of explanations,
– kindness,
– pointing out our mistakes, and giving a simple solution.
Great, just GREAT!!
Thanks for that plugin and doing a good job! – corwinofamber

Excellent Booking Plugin

This is an excellent booking plugin. We are using it to allow customers to schedule services for our mobile tire shop, TreadRight Mobile Tire. The support team has been very responsive to any issues that I’ve had which by the way have been very few. I haven’t found one feature that I’ve needed that this plugin hasn’t provided. – Josh Hart

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