WP RSS Aggregator – News Feeds, Autoblogging, Youtube Video Feeds and More WordPress 插件

WP RSS Aggregator – News Feeds, Autoblogging, Youtube Video Feeds and More WordPress 插件


WP RSS Aggregator is the original, most popular and most robust plugin for importing, merging, and displaying RSS feeds and Atom feeds anywhere on your site. Set up your RSS feed sources and let the plugin do the leg-work.

Automatically import RSS feeds & display them on your site

  • Import unlimited content from an unlimited number of sites.
  • Manage all your RSS feed sources from a single page.
  • Set all RSS feeds to fetch new content automatically.
  • Customise the display templates to match your website’s design.
  • Built-in shortcode and block to display your feeds in seconds.
  • RSS feed auto-discovery for sources with hard-to-find RSS feeds.
  • Import and display playable Youtube videos on your site.
  • Limit the RSS feed items stored and fetched for better performance.
  • Create a custom RSS feed from imported items to use elsewhere.
  • Extendable via action and filter hooks.

Learn more about the free version of WP RSS Aggregator.

Who is WP RSS Aggregator for?

Importing and displaying RSS feeds is a powerful tool for many website owners.

  • Aggregator or curate news from the top sources in your market or niche to improve your SEO and build a better reputation.
  • Show related content from other reputable sites to build a sense of trust with your readers.
  • Since video content has become so popular, link to Youtube videos anywhere on your site to provide visitors with more reasons to stick around.
  • Share podcast feeds with your readers to make the most of audio content.
  • Provide value to your readers by curating job openings, real estate listings, or other information to help them grow.
  • Aggregate ever-popular podcast episodes related to the topic of your website to keep visitors engaged.
  • Authors, writers, and other content creators, display a feed of your work from multiple sites in a single portfolio.

Real-life case studies

Erik Tozier built up trust and credibility in the personal finance space by curating quality content for his readers, resulting in over 16,000 monthly page views within just 4 months. Read the full case study or watch the video below.

Ronald Heijnes has created a multilingual community within the WordPress space by aggregating the latest WordPress news from various sources in multiple languages. Read the full case study or watch the video below.

More examples

  • WP News Desk aggregates WordPress news, tutorials and more from over 100 trusted sources and organises them into categories automatically.
  • Travel Blogger Community does something similar to share incredible blog posts from well-known travellers around the world.
  • Crypto Headlines‘ videos section shares Youtube videos from popular Youtubers in the Crypto space to keep readers informed.
  • Euro Finance Blogs curates content on investment, personal finance, and early retirement, similar to Erik’s story above.

Browse through our Showcase to see how WP RSS Aggregator is being put to great use on a large variety of WordPress sites, from CrossFit to celebrity news, and gaming to government updates.

SEO benefits and other perks

By using WP RSS Aggregator you can increase your WordPress site’s credibility and improve your SEO by importing full or partial posts, videos, and more with our premium add-ons.

  • Become an instant source of quality content.
  • Generate lots of new backlinks to your site.
  • Enhance your online presence and gain more trust.
  • And therefore, boost your SEO!

Find out more… Content curation and SEO: What you need to know

A word of advice: Don’t steal other people’s work; give credit where it’s due. WP RSS Aggregator makes it super easy to automatically link to the original source every single time.

Premium features

WP RSS Aggregator can be extended through its powerful premium add-ons and bundled plans.

The most popular add-ons are always Feed to Post and Full Text RSS feeds, giving you the option to create any sort of feed you can imagine anywhere on your site. They are part of our most popular premium option, the Pro Plan.

  • Feed to Post is the most powerful add-on available, enabling you to import RSS feeds into WordPress Posts or any other custom post type. It includes options such as automatically assigning a post type, post status, categories, tags, images, audio players (ideal for podcasts), authors, and more.
  • Full Text RSS Feeds takes Feed to Post to the next level by connecting it to our premium full text service. This helps bring in content from sources that don’t provide it in their RSS feeds. It’s especially useful when missing certain important images or other content.
  • Templates offers premium template types including the fully customisable Grid as well as an Excerpts & Thumbnails template that take your block or shortcode displays to a whole new level with images, excerpts, and even an audio player for podcasts, music and more.
  • Keyword Filtering enables you to filter the content imported from any source based on keywords, phrases and/or tags.
  • Categories provides a simple way to categorise your sources and keep them organised.
  • WordAi and Spinner Chief integrate the Feed to Post add-on with the respective 3rd-party content spinning services.

Top-notch support

Our comprehensive Knowledge Base provides you with everything you need to install, set up and customise the plugin to your needs. You can also browse through a number of FAQs to get started.

If that doesn’t do the trick, we provide support for the free version of WP RSS Aggregator via the support forum here, while for premium support (owners of valid premium add-on licenses) and pre-sales questions please contact us via our premium support channel.

Our plugin also includes a Help Beacon within your website’s dashboard through which you can search our knowledge base without ever leaving your website.

Additional information

We provide a Feed Creator service that allows you to generate full text RSS feeds from any webpage, even if it doesn’t have its own RSS feed. It provides inline documentation on how to use the service.

Our terms & conditions can be found here.

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