Prime Slider – Addons For Elementor (Revolution of a slider, Hero Slider, Media Slider, Drag Drop Slider, Video Slider, Product Slider, Ecommerce Slider) WordPress 插件

Prime Slider – Addons For Elementor (Revolution of a slider, Hero Slider, Media Slider, Drag Drop Slider, Video Slider, Product Slider, Ecommerce Slider) WordPress 插件


Looking for an addon/ plugin that is dedicated to creating sliders for any website built in WordPress & Elementor?

Prime slider is a fast, fully customizable, functional plugin – fit for every site including Blogging, eCommerce, etc. Again, it includes an up-to-date UI/UX.

It is a slider builder that is compatible with any WP theme & Elementor Page Builder plugin – meaning you’re safe from any unexpected issues.

Tired of the static & non-functional sliders? Fear not!

Why Prime Slider when dozens of slider plugins are out there? The fact is, it will help you make your slider 💡

  • Eye-catchy with useful info
  • Responsive (perfectly viewable on any device including mobile, tablet, & desktop)
  • SEO optimized (with title, bread crumb, link, etc.)
  • Highly optimized for web & server performance.

We always give importance to our customer’s experience & expectations like you have. So, we put 100+ effort into making our product more active and functional.

Moreover, our highly professional team works hard to make room so that your business dominates in today’s competitive digital world.

Another thing is that we hear our customers and take attempts accordingly.

The features from Prime Slider 💫

  • WooCommerce Ready
  • Responsive
  • RTL & Translation Ready
  • Regular Updated
  • Support from the Expert of BdThemes

In search of an all-in-one plugin for creating a slider for a WordPress website? Look no further. Prime Slider is speed optimized – good for SEO, easy to customize, WooCommerce ready slider addon for Elementor that you can use for building sliders of any sort of website.


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Free Core Widgets for Lifetime 🔥

  1. Blog – Base – Blog base makes the most profound layout to display your blog posts on any modern WordPress blogging website. The slider offers a eye-catchy post interface combined with accent colors to bring the most out of the whole layout
  2. Coral – Skin – Part of Blog slider, the Coral skin boosts the slider navigations by adding thumb post module along with scroll down button to jump to the designated section in one click. Enjoy modern blog interfaces with lavish background images
  3. Crelly – Skin – As a part of General Base slider, Crelly combines fluid color swatches with a wide canvas to bring out the inner beauty of your posts. The slider has heightened social share buttons, adding more impact on social engagements
  4. Dragon – Dragon is a charming WordPress slider plugin for displaying posts, products, services on your landing page with an exquisite interface made to perform beyond your expectations. Comes with animations and smart navigation
  5. Elysium – The Elysium slider widget can be the right choice for your website to showcase your featured products, items, or services with a peek-a-boo slideshow interface and seamless navigation. The perfect fit for your WordPress website.
  6. Fiestar – Fiestar is a polymorphed slider widget by the Prime Slider plugin that combines post accordion and slider together to create the perfect harmony as a landing page slider widget to feature your posts, products, and everything you need.
  7. Flogia – Flogia is a unique slider for WordPress that combines retina-ready graphics with animated navigation, cool text animations, and a floating thumb gallery to engage the visitors with top-notch content delivery, just what you need
  8. Folio – Skin – The Blog skin Folio is an automated blog slider with crystal clear graphics, crisp text animations, and a smooth background transition. Made for blogs, the slider comes with a wide bezel with giant social share buttons curved out
  9. General – Base – General is an optimistic slider widget to power future WordPress blogging sites with a fine-tuned layout suitable for any kind of website. Packed with smooth transition effects and text animations to bring life to your website
  10. Isolate – Base – The Isolate base slider is committed to highlight details of your product, conjuring a dynamic slider with a product image, a mega heading, interactive buttons, and slider navigations. The slider comes witha slide away button too
  11. Locate – Skin – The Locate skin comes with a minimalistic slider design, offering a more compact view of your product along with colorful social share buttons and navigations. It takes just you and Locate to design your dream website in not time
  12. Meteor – Skin – Meteor is a skin of General Slider that takes a completely different turn to display your post content with a sleek minimalistic layout. Slow transitions combined with thumb posts makes the interface suitable for all blogs and websites
  13. Mercury – Wanting to create the perfect post slider for your blogging website? Mercury answers your call with a fresh new outlook to showcase your blog posts with a minimalistic combination of text and image side-by-side and lots of smooth transitions to keep your visitors engaged.
  14. Mount – Want a WordPress slider that can create big impact in your audience? Mount Slider of Prime Slider plugin offers a broad animated headline along with smooth background, text, and navigation transistions over an HD background
  15. Multiscroll – Creative WordPress sliders like Multiscroll can turn your average website into a super dynamic hero page that changes with cursor scrollings and makes the slider occupy the whole canvas for a broad user-interactive layout
  16. Pacific – Pacific is a minimalistic slider widget for WordPress that offers a dramatic post background layout with a category, title, meta, read more button, and seamless navigation systems. The interface is similar to accordion’s and is best for a quick blog walkthrough.
  17. Pagepiling – The combination of a minimalistic background graphics and sleek slider scrolling effect, just like a paper flip, makes Pagepilling a one-of-a-kind slider for WordPress websites. It’s easy, fun, and fast page slider widget.
  18. Rubix – Rubix is a unique slider widget brought to you by Prime Slider that is designed to deliver content with a modded layout interface to maximize user experience with a fresh new innovative design and animations for WordPress websites
  19. Sequester – Squester is another minimalistic slider for WordPress that was intended to increase your brand value, social engagement, and promote products with customizable animated navigations, mega heading, button social share, and more
  20. Slide – Skin – The Slide skin of General Base is the best slider for making an accent hero page focused on your business identity tincture. With a minimalistic design and creative shade design, the slider is made perfect for any website
  21. Slice – Skin – Slice is a heavier version of the Isolate slider, with more graphics, transitions, social share buttons, and a thumb video button at the bottom right. Use Slice to highlight your featured products in your brand color on hero pages
  22. Storker – Storker is the most attractive slider for blogging website, offering a fast-paced post delivery with thumb post gallery, navigations, button, category, and meta. The slider has a smooth transistion effect parralelled with the thumb gallery
  23. Sniper – Sniper slider is best for creating image posts for websites like fashion, pets, hobbies, eCommerce, and portfolios. With a refreshing interface, the widget presents a combination of full width background and a thumb gallery pasted on top of the layout with noticeable details.
  24. Tango – Tango is a carousel-type slider that makes product or content showcasing purpose better than ever. With the feature of focus on one content at a time, It will help to obejectify one image at a time
  25. Vertex – Dive into the memory lane of your top-list blog posts by featuring them with Vertex. This is a seamless slider widget that combines visual graphics with cool animation effects to capture the eyes of your visitors in a hurry.
  26. Zinest – Skin – Blog skin Zinest has the most vibrant post interface for publishing WordPress blogs. The slider comes with a professional post layout having animated blog info, a thumb post gallery at the bottom and an inline navigation system.

Free 3rd Party Widgets for Lifetime 🔥

  1. WooCommerce – WooCommerce slider for Elementor makes the perfect homepage slider to showcase your business using a direct content focus by showing the whole detail of the products along with the price, an add-to-cart button, and social share
  2. Woocircle – Do you want to display products in circles? Then Woocircle is the perfect widget to put you products on the price list and let customers enjoy a nice view.
  3. Woolamp – The Woolamp slider was designed to create a direct connection with your users and push them to make decisions faster, securing more ROI and boosting your business. The slider offers a minimalistic but appealing content delivery

Free Features for Lifetime 🔥

  1. Live Copy or Paste – Live copy is a copy feature that allow you to copy and paste content from one domain to another. For example you can copy demo content directly from our demo website.
  2. Duplicator – Turn on this switcher to enable the Duplicator. It’s available for posts, pages and elementor templates

More free widgets & extensions are coming soon…

Pro Version Core Widgets 🔥

  1. Astoria – Astoria is a wonderful slider widget for decorating your hero page with the perfect and elegant looking slide. Equipped with social share buttons, the slider can easily catch your visitor’s eyes, enough to boost the first impression to the maximum. See the demo
  2. Avatar – The Avatar Slider widget makes it possible to build creative image slider with a breath-taking interface that shows how your sliders can surpass the norm. Get your hands on a truly game changer slider widget for WordPress and take your website to the next level.
  3. Crossroad – Looking for something fun? The Crossroad Slider widget is the craziest looking slider you will ever find owned by the Prime Slider plugin. Now you can display slider posts in a marveled way using a totally new concept of art. See the demo
  4. Custom – You can make any design by this slider. Create your template then select in the custom slider that’s it.
  5. Flexure – Flexure is a full-width slider widget with an eye-catchy background synchronization. It has a tab-like layout that changes the background images by simply hovering over the titles. See the demo
  6. Fluent – You can make brand new blogging slider with this widget. it’s support post query so you can show your post by query.
  7. Fortune
  8. Knily – Knily slider is a full-width slider widget, packed with a wide base display and floating thumb tabs. This slider can occupy your hero section to show your most treasured post with style. See the demo
  9. Marble – Marble base slider is a unique and tricky slider widget that presents your posts resembling a horizontal timeline. The whole slider can be customized to perfectly fit as a featured section on your site. See the demo
  10. Monster – The Monster slider comes with a coverflow carousel layout by default. It has a minimalistic content delivery with a full-width section coverage. Best for featuring products or posts. See the demo
  11. Paranoia – Up for an eccentric post layout for your blogging website? The Paranoia slider widget is a totally unique concept for blogs with a fun and interesting post layout animation to boost your user experience. See the demo
  12. Pieces – Ready for the futuristic slider for your blog site? Grab Pieces slider and bend the rules of graphics and animation into a fun and super amazing slider interface.
  13. Prism – The Prism slider presents a dignified post layout having a pristine background graphic and centered item image to drag the focus of your visitors on your product into your WordPress website. Make your website go viral with the awesome Prism slider widget for WordPress.
  14. Reveal – The Reveal slider has been developed to deliver content with active reveal transitions to pique user interest and boost your overall user engagement. The slider interface packs a lot of animation properties but easier to operate
  15. Remote Arrows – You can use remote arrows to transfer the slider span control away from any WordPress slider and switch the navigation controls remotely. It’s a widget that lets you separate the navigation from sliders and present it in a different way to the users.
  16. Remote Fraction – The Fraction navigation is a trend in web design. With Remote Fraction widget, you can easily attach the fraction feature to any slider regardless of the slider’s placement or distance with the widget. Useful for making bold interfaces.
  17. Remote Pagination – The pagination feature displays the number of posts remained in the query. With the Remote Pagination widget, you can display those numbers by simply taking over the controls from any sliders on your webpage.
  18. Remote Thumbs – Thumb galleries make a slider more fun to use and easy to see what’s coming next. The remote thumb widget helps you link a thumb gallery to any sliders on your page by overriding the slider controls. Suitable for making galleries more interactive.

Pro Version 3rd Party Widgets 🔥

  1. Event Calendar – Event Calendar slider comes with some uniue features with Event Calendar Countdown feature. We focused on visitors need. You must need this if you’re bulding a event based sites.
  2. Wooexpand – Wooexpand slider is made for WooCommerce websites. This is an accordion type website having a smooth background animation. It integrates fully with WooCommerce and all of its applications. See the demo
  3. WooStand – WooStand is an WooCommerce based slider that brings out the potential of your online shop. Best for selling products online with an eye-grabbing layout. see the demo

Featured By – Famous Publications 🎇


Paul Charlton, a renowned WordPress influencer, has featured Prime Slider in WPTuts. He found Prime Slider for creative, responsive, and dynamic slider solution plugins.


Thanks to Imran Emu, a professional Web Designer and Developer, for featuring Prime Slider on the YouTube channel titled themesCode and finding it helpful for his viewers.

Uriel Soto:

Uriel Soto, expert in WordPress & Elementor, makes helpful WordPress tutorials for everyone. Prime Slider, an add-on for Elementor, has been featured on Youtube Channel named Uriel Soto by this guy.

Fran Salas – PluginsWeb:

Fran Salas is a WordPress passionate. He makes videos on plugin, template, and extension.Same as he makes Tutorial type video showing-off Prime Slier, an add-on for Elementor.

Brainstorm Force:

A mastermind of some outstanding WP products including theme Astra, has a Youtube Channel. Thankful to the energetic team who makes an awesome video spotlighting Prime Slider and shares on Brainstorm Force, a channel for WordPress Tutorials.

Common Issues and Solutions: 🐣

  1. Elementor editor fails to load
    Ans. It is due to your server PHP setting. You can increase PHP memory limit from wp-config.php file or php.ini file
    View Documentation

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