Form Maker by 10Web – Mobile-Friendly Drag & Drop Contact Form Builder WordPress 插件

Form Maker by 10Web – Mobile-Friendly Drag & Drop Contact Form Builder WordPress 插件


Form Maker is the leading drag & drop plugin for building forms of any complexity in just a few clicks.

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Looking for the perfect form plugin that’ll save you time and effort?

Is matching your website design with your forms difficult?

Finding it hard to build lengthy and advanced forms?

Form Maker Features

Intuitive Interface
Drag and drop to build complex forms with just a few clicks.

Mobile-Friendly and Responsive
Your forms will look great on all resolutions and devices: mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Field Types
43 different form field types to help you create just the form you need.

Embed Easily
Display your forms as popups, top bars or scroll boxes or embed them into blog posts.

Pre-built Templates
Pick from five form template options to save time.

Fully Customizable Themes
Use one of our fifteen beautiful themes to make your forms match website design.

Manage Submissions
Set automatic email replies, track and export all your entries, and more.

Protection from Spam
Block IPs and set captchas to avoid spam.

Receive Payments*
Get payments and donations using integrated PayPal and Stripe gateways.

Conditional Logic
Build forms with complex conditional logic.

Multi-Page Forms
Divide up lengthy forms into pages to provide better user experience.

File Upload*
Your users can upload files to your forms.

* Premium version only

Form Maker Extensions

Available in Plugins Bundle

Save Form Progress
Your users can save unfinished entries and continue anytime.

Conditional Mailing
Send out emails to user groups based on submitted forms.

Export form entries and forms in the XML format and import them into another site afterwards.

Get a notification on your phone whenever there is an entry submission.

Mailchimp Integration
Create Mailchimp signup forms and expand your lead list.

WordPress Registration
Build WP user registration forms and expand the user base of your site.

Post Generation
Use a form to invite your users to submit guest posts.

Dropbox Integration
Store attachments received from form entries in your Dropbox.

Google Drive Integration
Upload received form attachments straight to your Google Drive.

PDF Integration
Use content from submitted entries to create PDFs.

Your users can make credit card payments via Stripe, and we’ll transfer them to your bank account automatically.

Build forms that contain automatically calculated fields.

Form Maker is a power-packed yet user-friendly form builder plugin. With an intuitive drag and drop interface, this plugin is the ultimate solution to help you create responsive contact Forms easily and in a timely manner. Add modern and functional questionnaires to your website with a few clicks. Using the plugin you can create forms for pretty much any purpose, from simple email form or contact form to multi-page application, registration survey and questionnaire with conditional fields, captcha protection, multiple choice questions and more. It will take you just a few clicks to create an email form and a couple of minutes to customize with the available themes, styling and display options.

World Class Customer Support

  • Low response time
    We always respond within a few hours.
  • Quick issue resolution
    Resolving an issue never takes more than 24 hours.

Just ask our users

I had tried several form plugins but I was always searching for a better one.
Then I stumbled Formmaker just by chance and thought to give a try.
I was thrilled to see its features. It has more than everything I expected. Very customizable and easy to use.
Now I don’t search for form plugin anymore
Lots of thanks to the developers of this plugin.
by @mayank0522

If I could give this plugin more than 5 stars I would!
The level of control is extremely nice – even with the free version – though I quickly purchased the PRO version!
And the level of customer service in troubleshooting forum questions is incredible!
Very impressed with the plugin – but even more so with the way they interact with and help users get to what they need!
Great job guys!!
by @JonathanWilson99

This is the best plugin for creating functional forms and very user friendly even for the none technical users.
Absolutely recommend everyone to use this one.
Thanks a lot guys!!!
by @denisecox

Steps for creating a website form

  1. Install Form Maker by 10Web.
  2. Create a form in a few clicks.
  3. Publish your form.


  • Better communication between your visitors and you – Contact forms serve as a communication tool between you and your site visitors, and make it easy to get/receive orders, requests, and inquiries. If you offer memberships, courses or trainings on your website, forms are an easy way to order, apply or register online.
  • Valuable User/Customer Feedback – You are what your user/customer thinks of you! The plugin lets you put together surveys and questionnaires and get feedback from your users/customers.
  • One plugin, different purposes – Whether you want to have a single form on the contact us page, or multiple, on different pages on your website, that’s absolutely doable with this plugin. You can create unlimited number of different forms and display them using one of the available display options. Please note, that free version is limited to 7 form fields.
  • Save time – Plugin uses an intuitive drag and drop interface, which makes it easy to create contact forms and add/remove form fields.
  • Add to the overall website design – A well designed contact form can contribute to your website’s overall look and feel. Customize its style and have it match with your website design.
  • Improve accessibility – Plugin provides four different display options, which make your contact forms easily accessible. Whether you want to embed the form into a post or a page, or have it follow the visitors as they scroll up and down, you have the option to do that.

What’s in it

Plugin comes with a myriad of field options to let you create high performing forms. The fields you can add include: text input, multiple and single choice fields, select box, submit and reset buttons, custom HTML, 3 types of captcha protection and many more. In addition to these fields, the Premium version of the plugin offers file upload, Google Maps, and payment fields with automatic PayPal integration or Stripe integration with an add on.

There are four display options in the plugin: Embedded, Pop-Up, Scroll-box, and Top-bar. Each of the display options has its own set of settings you can customize.

The intuitive drag-and-drop interface of the plugin makes it the most user-friendly form plugin for WordPress. Easily re-order the sequence of the fields or move them between columns, sections and pages, organizing your forms in no time.

Plugin comes with 15 fully customizable themes that you can apply to your forms. Under the theme options you can configure pretty much any setting of the theme, personalizing options for header, content, pagination, buttons and more. You can also create your own themes with your personal styling and features.

You can use the custom CSS editor to give additional styling features to the forms.

Send customized emails to your users as well as website administrators upon submission for any given form.

View and manage the submissions for each web form. See number of entries, number of views, the conversion rate and more.

Conditional fields feature of the plugin lets you display/hide specific fields based on the user input. This is a great way to make your forms shorter and avoid receiving irrelevant information.

The plugin comes with 5 pre-built templates, which you can use as they are or customize to better fit your needs.

*Some customizations described here are available in Premium version. Please refer to feature summary for additional info.

Form Maker plugin provides a full range of options and features you can tailor to your needs. Each of the forms you create will have its own set of form options and display settings. Under the options you can choose a theme for each custom web form, adjust email options, choose what happens after the user submits, set conditional logic, and choose one of the available payment options, such as PayPal and Stripe (Extension). Under the display settings you can adjust the options for each web form display type.

The available themes are fully configurable, allowing you make the necessary adjustments to the header, content, input box, buttons, choices, pagination, and add custom CSS. You can change the header background color, adjust the parameters for title, description and header image,customize the parameters for buttons, adjust the settings for single and multiple choice questions, and many more. The changes you make to the settings will immediately be displayed in the form preview next to the settings box.

With conditional fields option you can set to hide/show specific fields based on the selections your visitors make. You just choose the field you want to show or hide, then set the conditions based on which the field will appear or will be hidden. The plugin features a user-friendly interface, which makes it easy to create, style and customize the forms.

Premium version adds

  • Unlimited fields in one form
  • File Upload field
  • PayPal Integration (Creating PayPal Forms for payments)
  • Stripe Integration (Creating Credit Card payment Forms) with Extension
  • Google Maps API Integration
  • Front-End Submissions

Privacy Notices

Form Maker plugin does not collect and store any data of your users on 10Web’s end. All data submitted by your website visitors is stored in your website database. With every form submission Form Maker plugin collects users’ IP address and WordPress user ID for logged in users. From this perspective, you may be subject to GDPR compliance.

Form Maker forms imply interaction between website visitors and website owner. As such you may publish forms that require input of Private data. You need to get explicit consent from your users to comply with GDPR. Under GDPR your users may request access and/or erasure of their entry data at any time. Here you can find how to export and/or delete submissions.



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