Polylang Connect for Elementor – Templates Translation & Language Switcher WordPress 插件

Polylang Connect for Elementor – Templates Translation & Language Switcher WordPress 插件


Connect Polylang multilingual plugin with Elementor Page Builder: Translate your Elementor templates and show them in the correct language, native customizable Language Switcher Elementor widget, Visibility Conditions of widgets and Dynamic Tags by language and much more…

What the Plugin Does

? Template translation and show in the correct language

Create translations for your Elementor templates especially for header, footer or archive templates with Elementor Pro Theme Builder (affiliated link).

It also works and selects the correct translation when using the [elementor-template] shortcode.

? Language Switcher

A native Elementor Widget to easily build a nice and fully customizable language switcher:

  • Show or hide flags, language name, language code.
  • Vertical list, Horizontal list or styled dropdown.
  • SVG scalable flags.

?️ Language Visibility Conditions

Allow to show or hide every widget, section or column by language.

?️ Language Dynamic Tags

Use language dynamic tags (on Elementor Pro) that you can set with an specific language or the “current” one. Available tags are:

  • Language Code tag type text
  • Language Name tag type text
  • Language Url tag type url
  • Language Flag tag type image

✏️ Elementor Editor integration

Now you can view the language of the current template and change to its translations or create them from the Elementor editor.

? Elementor Finder integration

From Elementor Finder you can access to Polylang settings pages and go the site in the selected language.

? Plugins integration fixes and tweaks

  • Automatically generate display conditions on new template translation.
  • Automatically generate Elementor CSS styles on create new template translation.
  • Fix home url to the current language on site-url Dynamic Tag and Search Form widget.
  • Add language url trailing slash.
  • Hide language on wp-admin for global widgets.
  • Other integration fixes.

How to use

You can manage translated templates in two ways:

  • (recommended) create linked translations for a template and only set display conditions on the default language.
  • create separated translations for a template with their own display conditions.

See an example:

Site languages: - EN (main) - ES - IT- Option 1 (linked translations only main language has display conditions):╔═ Archive Template A (EN) -> condition category is "Red (EN)"╠═ Archive Template A (ES) -> none (in front checks if category is ES translation of "Red (EN)")╚═ Archive Template A (IT) -> none (in front checks if category is IT translation of "Red (EN)")- Option 2 (not linked translations, all languages has display conditions):══ Archive Template B (EN) -> condition category is "Red (EN)"══ Archive Template B (ES) -> condition category is "Rojo (ES)"══ Archive Template B (IT) -> condition category is "Rosso (IT)"


  • Plugin’s support forum here on WordPress.org
  • Github plugin repo
  • Polylang User Community Group at Facebook
  • What is covered by our support? – All regarding THIS plugin (“Polylang Connect for Elementor”), plus the relation to Polylang, Polylang Pro, Elementor and Elementor Pro of course.
  • What is NOT covered by support? – Anything general regarding multilingual topics and WordPress. Explicitely we DO NOT offer any “WPML”, “WPBakery” or “Visual Composer” support, and also not for your theme etc.!!!


We have used the strings of Elementor and Polylang whenever possible to take advantage of the fact that they are translated into many languages. For the other strings a .pot file (connect-polylang-elementor.pot) for translators is also always included ?

You can collaborate with your language translations in Translating WordPress


The following code/classes are licensed under the GPL.

  • v2. refactor and upgrade by Pacotole at Creame
  • v2.1 Cross domain fixes based on work of Jory Hogeveen and nicmare
  • Support Brad Johnson
  • v1. released by David Decker
  • v1. Polylang Switcher class (Elementor Widget) and its CSS based on widget from plugin “Language Switcher for Elementor” by Solitweb (GPLv2 or later)
  • SVG flags from FlagKit and Wikipedia

Please, send your suggestions and feedback – Thank you for using or trying out this plugin!



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