Product Feed PRO for WooCommerce WordPress 插件

Product Feed PRO for WooCommerce WordPress 插件


Generate WooCommerce product feeds for all your marketing channels, such as Google Shopping (merchant center), Facebook, Remarketing, Bing Ads,, Pricerunner, Skroutz and many more. Next to custom feeds there are over 100 pre-defined templates included for marketplaces, comparison shopping engines and search engines. This plugin provides high-quality product feed for Google Shopping and many many more.

Why choose this plugin?

Simply because this is the most complete plugin offering support for an unlimited number of products and feeds, including features such as category- & field-mapping and advanced, rule-based, filtering and product variables support. Next to creating product feeds this plugin also add’s pixels and conversion API (CAPI) and Google Dynamic Remarketing pixel to your website and makes sure they are aligned with your feeds.

Our mission

Offer free and advanced, intuitive, tooling and plugins for website owners and marketers to easily set-up and manage their online marketing campaigns.

Plugin Features

Unlimited number of products

No limitations on the number of products you can put in your product feeds. This makes the Product Feed PRO for WooCommerce plugin suitable for small, medium and big webshops.

Unlimited number of product feeds

No limitations on the number of product feeds.

Filters and rules

Set advanced filter and ruling per channel so only your most profitable products make it to the product feed. For example: exclude low-margin products, exclude products that are low on stock or only include products that are on sale. You name it, any filter or rule is possible!

Field / attribute selection

Determine yourself what attributes to in- or exclude in your product feed. This plugin supports usage of ALL attribute types: Custom Attributes, Dynamic Attributes and Product Attributes. Rule-of-thumb: the more attributes you put in your product feed, the better change you have of getting good listings on the channels of your choice.

Field / attribute mapping

Map your field attributes to those of the channels of your choice. For many channels using the right field names is obliged.

Fix for WooCommerce structured data bug (Elite version)

Because of a bug in WooCommerce variable products will get disapproved in Google’s Merchant Center. WooCommerce adds the price of the cheapest variable product in the structured data for all variations of a product. Because of this there will be a mismatch between the product price you provide to Google in your Google Shopping product feed and the structured data price on the product landingpage. Google will therefor disapprove the product in its merchant center. You won’t be able to advertise on that product in your Google Shopping campaign. Our plugin has a feature that will fix the structured data on variable product pages by adding the correct variable product price in the JSON-LD structured data so Google will approve the variable products you submitted.

Add critical Google Shopping Feed fields to your store (Elite version)

Google requires you to add certain fields to the feed you create for Google Shopping. However not all of the required fields are present in WooCommerce. Our plugin add’s these fields / attributes for you so you can create a product feed that meets Google’s requirements. The plugin will add the following product input fields for you: Brand, GTIN, UPC, MPN, EAN, Product condition (New, Refurbished, Used) unit pricing measure, unit pricing base measure, installment and an Optimised title field.

Performance based

Only add products to your feed that had sales before in a given time-range. This will make your campaigns more profitable.

Custom Fields

Add custom fields with naming you require and fill it with static or dynamic values to your product feed.

Static field values

Add static field values to your product feed when needed.

Category / taxonomy mapping

Some marketing channels require you to map your categories to theirs (such as Google Shopping). This plugin enables you to exactly do that. Not only does it support 1-to-1 category mapping but you can also map subsets of products on a channel-category based on product names.

Google Shopping

Our plugin offers added and advanced features for creating the best possible product feed for Google Shopping. Feeds created by our plugin have a high approval rate on products in Google’s Merchant center. Also, because of a WooCommerce bug in the structured data of variable products all of these products would normally be disapproved in Google’s merchant center. Our plugin fixes this bug and enables you to advertise on all of your products in Google Shopping.

Facebook Feed/Catalog and remarketing

Our plugin offers added and advanced features for creating the best possible product feed for your Facebook catalog and Facebook shop. Our plugin also includes the Facebook pixel and CAPI support.

Google Analytics support

This plugin enables you to add and configure Google Analytics UTM tracking-codes to your product URL’s so you can measure the effectiveness of your marketing channels in Google Analytics.

Shipping class support

This plugin enables you to set the shipping zone (and shipping class) so the right shipping cost end up in your product feed. Our plugin uses all shipping zone settings you have configured in WooCommerce (flat rates, classes and free shipping). Our support also supports US and Australian postal codes and regions.

WooCommerce Shipping Table Rate (official WooCommerce) support

Our plugin supports the official shipping table rate plugin of WooCommerce

WooCommerce Shipping Table Rate (Bolder Elements) support

Our plugin supports the WooCommerce Shipping Table Rate plugin created by Bolder Elements.

Product variations / Variables

This plugin supports product variables so all your variations make it to product feeds as individual products too.


This plugin adds the pixel code on your websites and makes sure it matches the content of your catalogue product feed
Our plugin add’s the following pixel events:
* on your product pages, both for simple, variable and variations pages
* on your category pages (ViewCategory event)
* on your search result pages (Search event)
* on your cart page (AddToCart event)
* on the checkout page (initiateCheckout event)
* on the order thank you page (PurChase event)

Conversion API (CAPI)

This plugin connects to the Conversion API so all your website conversions are being tracked properly

Google Dynamic Remarketing Pixel

This plugin adds the Google Dynamic Remarketing pixel code on your website.

Product tags

Use the product tag information for your product feeds or to create filters and rules on

Product feed statistics

Product feed statistics showing you the amount of products in yor product feed after every update and refresh.

WPML (Elite version)

Our plugin supports WPML

WCML – WooCommerce Multilingual (Elite version)

Our plugin supports WooCommerce Multilangual, especially the currency switcher

Aelia Currency Switcher (Elite version)

Our plugin supports the Aelia Currency Switcher

Polylang support (Elite version)

Our plugin supports Polylang

Google Shopping product feed tutorial

Dynamic Ads / Remarketing feed tutorial

Available features

  • Unlimited number of products;
  • Unlimited number of product feeds
  • > 100 pre-configured product feed channel-templates for ~ 200 countries;
  • Create custom product feeds;
  • XML, CSV, TSV and TXT formats;
  • Supports WPML (version 4.1 and higher)
  • Supports WCML, WooCommerce Multilingual
  • Supports Aelia Currency Switcher
  • Supports Polylang
  • Intuitive interface;
  • Supports product variations / variables;
  • Scheduled product feed refreshes: daily, twice-daily or every hour;
  • Supported file formats: XML, CSV,TXT and TSV;
  • Supports shipping zones, shipping classes and shipping cost
  • Filters and rules: set product filter and rules so only the right products end up in the product feed;
  • Category / Taxonomy mapping: map your categories to those of other channels, such as Google Shopping;
  • Field / Attribute mapping: map your attributes to channel attributes;
  • Create custom field names: create your own field names and fill them with static or dynamic values;
  • Add static field values to your product feeds;
  • Google Analytics support: add Google Analytics UTM parameters to your product feed and individual products.
  • Supports Yoasts primary category feature
  • Supports Rankmaths primary category feature
  • Supports the official “WooCommerce Brands” plugin
  • Supports Yith brand attributes
  • Supports the official “WooCommerce Product Bundles” plugin
  • Supports the official “WooCommerce Composite Products” plugin
  • Supports the official “WooCommerce Subscriptions” plugin
  • Supports the official “WooCommerce Mix & Match Products” plugin
  • Supports WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts from RightPress
  • Supports the Discount Rules for WooCommerce plugin from FlyCart
  • Supports WC Fields Factory
  • Supports Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce from WooCommerce
  • Supports Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce from Bolder Elements
  • Supports usage of the All In One SEO pack title and description attributes
  • Supports the WPC Product Bundles for WooCommerce plugin

Some of the above mentioned feature can only be used by users who upgraded to the Elite version of our plugin

Elite paid features

  • WPML / WCML support
  • Aelia currency switcher support
  • Polylang support
  • Addition of the extra fields on your product edit pages
  • Data manipulation feature
  • WooCommerce structured data bug fix


  • Custom feeds
  • Google Shopping
  • Google Product Reviews
  • Google DRM / Dynamic remarketing
  • Google Merchant Promotions feed
  • Google DSA (Dynamic Search Ads)
  • Google Local Products
  • Google Local Products Inventory
  • Google Shopping Actions
  • Facebook shop
  • Facebook Dynamic Ad’s / remarketing
  • Bing Shopping
  • Bing Shopping Promotions
  • Pinterest
  • Vivino
  • Snapchat
  • TikTok
  • Yandex
  • ShopMania
  • MyShopping
  • Stylight
  • Incurvy
  • Kijiji Italy
  • Kelkoo
  • Shopalike
  • AdForm
  • Pricerunner
  • Miinto Denmark
  • Miinto Netherlands
  • Miinto Poland
  • Miinto Sweden
  • Miinto Germany
  • Prisjakt
  • Hintaseuranta
  • Connexity
  • Fnac
  • ManoMano
  • Twenga
  • TheNextAd
  • Webgains
  • Crowdfox
  • Allyouneed
  • Apomio
  • Choozen
  • Domodi
  • Geizhals
  • ShopMania
  • My Best Brands
  • Trovaprezzi

From within WordPress

  1. Visit Plugins > Add New;
  2. Search for Product Feed PRO for WooCommerce;
  3. Activate Product Feed PRO for WooCommerce from your plugins page.


  1. Upload the woo-product-feed-pro folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory;
  2. Activate Product Feed PRO for WooCommerce from your plugins page.



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