OptionTree WordPress 插件


OptionTree attempts to bridge the gap between WordPress developers, designers and end-users by creating fully responsive option panels and meta boxes with an ease unlike any other plugin. OptionTree has many advanced features with well placed hooks and filters to adjust every aspect of the user experience.

Build your Theme Options panel locally with an easy to use drag & drop interface and then export a functioning theme-options.php file for production use that is i18n translation ready, with your custom text domain automatically inserted.

And, in just a few simple lines of code, save settings to the database with a unique array ID so none of your Theme Options conflict with other themes that use OptionTree.

Also, OptionTree now takes full advantage of the new color schemes introduced in WordPress 3.8, it looks and feels built-in.

Theme Integration

If you’re like me, you want to know how everything works. Download and activate the OptionTree Theme and see first hand how to integrate OptionTree into your own project. I’ll walk you through installing OptionTree and you’ll get a chance to see all the various options and filters first hand and in the wild.


To contribute or report bugs, please go to the OptionTree Github repository.


OptionTree is a project partly sponsored by ThemeForest, the largest WordPress theme marketplace on the web.

Option Types

This is a complete list of all the available option types that come shipped with OptionTree.

  • Background
  • Border
  • Box Shadow
  • Category Checkbox
  • Category Select
  • Checkbox
  • Colorpicker
  • Colorpicker Opacity
  • CSS
  • Custom Post Type Checkbox
  • Custom Post Type Select
  • Date Picker
  • Date Time Picker
  • Dimension
  • Gallery
  • Google Fonts
  • JavaScript
  • Link Color
  • List Item
  • Measurement
  • Numeric Slider
  • On/Off
  • Page Checkbox
  • Page Select
  • Post Checkbox
  • Post Select
  • Radio
  • Radio Image
  • Select
  • Sidebar Select
  • Slider
  • Social Links
  • Spacing
  • Tab
  • Tag Checkbox
  • Tag Select
  • Taxonomy Checkbox
  • Taxonomy Select
  • Text
  • Textarea
  • Textarea Simple
  • Textblock
  • Textblock Titled
  • Typography
  • Upload



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