WP-PostViews WordPress 插件

WP-PostViews WordPress 插件



  1. Open wp-content/themes/<YOUR THEME NAME>/index.php
  2. You may place it in archive.php, single.php, post.php or page.php also.
  3. Find: <?php while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>
  4. Add Anywhere Below It (The Place You Want The Views To Show): <?php if(function_exists('the_views')) { the_views(); } ?>
  5. Or you can use the shortcode 20 次浏览 or 56 次浏览 (where 1 is the post ID) in a post
  6. Go to WP-Admin -> Settings -> PostViews to configure the plugin.

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  • Plugin icon by Iconmoon from Flaticon


I spent most of my free time creating, updating, maintaining and supporting these plugins, if you really love my plugins and could spare me a couple of bucks, I will really appreciate it. If not feel free to use it without any obligations.

Version 1.76.1

  • NEW: Add Post Author in views template
  • NEW: Bump for WordPress 5.3

Version 1.76

  • NEW: Added postviews_should_count filter
  • FIXED: Change to (int) from intval() and use sanitize_key() with it.

Version 1.75

  • NEW: Use WP_Query() for most/least viewed posts

Version 1.74

  • NEW: Bump WordPress 4.7
  • NEW: Template variable %POST_CATEGORY_ID%. It returns Post’s Category ID. If you are using Yoast SEO Plugin, it will return the priority Category ID. Props @FunFrog-BY

Version 1.73

  • FIXED: In preview mode, don’t count views

Version 1.72

  • NEW: Add %POST_THUMBNAIL% to template variables

Version 1.71

  • 修复:WordPress 4.3 中小工具构造函数中的通知

Version 1.70

  • FIXED: Integration with WP-Stats

Version 1.69

  • NEW: Shortcode 20 次浏览 or 20 次浏览` to embed view count into post
  • NEW: Added template variable %VIEW_COUNT_ROUNDED% to support rounded view count like 10.1k or 11.2M

Version 1.68

  • NEW: Added action hook ‘postviews_increment_views’ and ‘postviews_increment_views_ajax’
  • NEW: Allow custom post type to be chosen under the widget

Version 1.67

  • NEW: Allow user to not use AJAX to update the views even though WP_CACHE is true

Version 1.66

  • NEW: Supports MultiSite Network Activation
  • NEW: Add %POST_DATE% and %POST_TIME% to template variables
  • NEW: Add China isearch engines bots
  • NEW: Ability to pass in an array of post types for get_most/least_*() functions. Props Leo Plaw.
  • FIXED: Moved uninstall to uninstall.php and hence fix missing nonce. Props Julio Potier.
  • FIXED: Notices and better way to get views from meta. Props daankortenbach.
  • FIXED: No longer needing add_post_meta() if update_post_meta() fails.

Version 1.65 (02-06-2013)

  • FIXED: Views not showing in WP-Admin if “Display Options” is not set to “Display to everyone”



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