WPC Smart Wishlist for WooCommerce WordPress 插件

WPC Smart Wishlist for WooCommerce WordPress 插件


WPC Smart Wishlist is a powerful yet intuitive plugin for helping your customers manage their to-buy list and save favorite items for later purchase. This helps the purchase flow on your site become more fluent and convenient while saving quite a great amount of time on searching for products and adding them to cart for buyers.

Live demo

Visit our live demo 01 or live demo 02 to see how this plugin works.


  • Control the use of wishlist for unauthenticated users
  • Smart display of product details: title, price, date of adding, stock status, product image preview, wishlist item count
  • Easy purchase flow from adding, removing, checking out or closing the wishlist
  • Enable/disable Auto-removal of products after adding to the cart
  • Choose a page as the wishlist page
  • Use the provided shortcode to display the wishlist on selected page
  • Enable/disable wishlist sharing button
  • Enable/disable copying of wishlist links for sharing
  • Choose a wishlist type: button or link
  • Edit the text for the wishlist button
  • Choose an action triggered by wishlist button: display a message or open the product list
  • Edit the text and action triggered after adding an item to the wishlist
  • Add extra classes for action button/link
  • Customize the position of wishlist button on archive and single page
  • Choose categories that allow wishlist button
  • Unlimited colors for wishlist popup
  • Edit the destination link for the Continue Shopping button
  • Choose a menu to add the wishlist menu
  • Choose an action triggered by the wishlist menu
  • RTL support for better displaying right-to-left languages
  • Premium: Enable multiple wishlists per user
  • Premium: Add note for each product
  • Premium: Lifetime update and dedicated support
  • Premium: Customization to match with your theme/site design

Newly added feature for management: It’s now possible to see all wishlists that a product was included in and check out all wishlists created by a user.

The Importance of Adding a Wishlist button

Many store owners miss the opportunities for selling items for their current customers because they’re not offering Add to Wishlist button on their shop or single product page. On many occasions, buyers need time to rethink their needs and allowing them to add products to wishlist increase the possibility for buyers to purchase these items in the future. As it is truly convenient and speedy to add, remove, proceed to check out or continue shopping, buyers will find the whole purchase flow an enjoyable process. Thus, this improves the shopping experience for your customers. In addition, enabling Add to Wishlist button is helpful for buyers to save an Out-of-Stock product for purchasing when it is restocked at a later time. Shop owners can control the wishlist availability by enabling it for authenticated users only, hence, encourage more membership engagement from visitors. Never miss any chance to strengthen the bond with your customers with an Add to Wishlist button on every product page and shop page of your site.

Product Details at a Glance

The wishlist items are displayed in great detail so that buyers don’t need to browse the single product page for more information when the title, price, stock status, thumbnail image and date of adding to the wishlist are smartly arranged in the wishlist page or wishlist popup. Buyers can also see a counter showing how many items have been added to their wishlist: a notification for urging them to checkout or to manage the list by removing unwanted items. By keeping your customers on your site, store owners can increase the conversion rate when buyers revise the list and find something useful that they might have missed or forgotten to purchase before. Controlling the wishlist is intuitive because there is a button to remove any item from the list. Users take full control of actions triggered by the wishlist button when an item is already added to the list.

Ultra-speedy Performance

There’s nearly zero delay speed for this Smart Wishlist plugin when visitors perform any kind of actions: item addition or removal, closing the wishlist popup or open the wishlist page, it all happens immediately with precision. Wishlist popup also allows an overlay effect that keeps the popup opens while visitors can still scroll the background page until the Continue Shopping button or Close button is pressed. Our plugin is compatible with all WPClever plugins, most common WooCommerce add-ons and WordPress themes, so the flexibility is really high with smooth performance for your website. Smart Wishlist can work in similar ways with any product bundles, composite deals, bought together offers, grouped or force-sell products made with our plugins.

Fully Customizable Wishlist

It is possible for users to fully customize the WPC Smart Wishlist plugin to their preferences regarding the appearance, actions and links, type of wishlist, position of wishlist on different pages and even the text displayed for visitors. Premium users are able to add a Wishlist button to any menu that they want: handheld, primary, or secondary menu and customize the action triggered on these menus as well. They can even request the customization of wishlist to match the design scheme of their website for free.

Great Flow for Advertising Your Products

If you think that the purchase flow ends with the checkout of your customers, then you are just closing your own door to further advertise your products to other potential clients. WPC Smart Wishlist allows users to take advantage of networking by enabling wishlist sharing via social networks or copying product links to share to other customers. Great products will see a higher conversion rate and better traffic when they are easily shared via social networks. This keeps the flow on and on for new clients and draw more attention to the most widely favored products in your store. With the increase in UX flow on your site, the sales will definitely go up accordingly. This is all up to your intentional arrangement of wishlist buttons.


Available languages: English (Default), Russian, Italian, Persian

If you have created your own language pack, or have an update for an existing one, you can send gettext PO and MO file to us so we can bundle it into WPC Smart Wishlist.

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