Redirection for Contact Form 7 WordPress 插件

Redirection for Contact Form 7 WordPress 插件


The ultimate add-on for Contact Form 7 – redirect to any page you choose after mail sent successfully, firing scripts after submission, save submissions in database, and much more options to make Contact Form 7 poweful then ever.
NOTE: This plugin requires Contact Form 7 version 4.8 or later.


Simply go to your form settings, choose the “Redirect Settings” tab and set the page you want to be redirected to.


  • Redirect to any URL
  • Open page in a new tab
  • Run JavaScript after form submission (great for conversion management)
  • Pass fields from the form as URL query parameters
  • Add Honeypot to minimize spam
  • Save form submissions to your database
  • NEW: GDPR create erase personal data request
  • NEW: GDPR create export personal data request

Our Extensions

  • [Extension] Conditional logic for each action
  • [Extension] Send SMS messages with twilio
  • [Extension] Integrate your forms with your Salesforce CRM
  • [Extension] Integrate your forms with your Hubspot CRM
  • [Extension] Frontend Publishing – Allow your visitors to submit post types
  • [Extension] Frontend Registration – Use contact form 7 as a registration form
  • [Extension] Frontend Login – Use contact form 7 to login users to your website
  • [Extension] Automatically add form submissions to your predefined list
  • [Extension] Conditional form validations (custom error messages)
  • [Extension] Manage email notifications by conditional logic
  • [Extension] Fire custom JavaScript events by conditional logic
  • [Extension] Send data to remote servers (3rd-party integration)
  • [Extension] Send submissions to API Json/XML to remote servers
  • [Extension] Send submissions to API POST/GET to remote servers
  • [Extension] PayPal Integration
  • [Extension] Stripe Integration
  • [Extension] Create and send PDF
  • [Extension] Send Slack Message

Note: some features are availible only as an extension. Which means you need Redirection for Contact Form 7 Pro to unlock those features. You can get Redirection for Contact Form 7 Pro here!



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