SearchWP Live Ajax Search WordPress 插件

SearchWP Live Ajax Search WordPress 插件


Does not require SearchWP, but will utilize it if available. Full documentation is available at

Contributions welcome on GitHub!

SearchWP Live Ajax Search enables AJAX powered live search for your search forms. Designed to be a developer’s best friend, SearchWP Live Ajax Search aims to stay out of your way but at the same time allowing you to customize everything about it. It’s set up to work with any WordPress theme and uses a template loader to display results. The template based approach allows you to seamlessly customize your SearchWP Live Search implementation without messing with dozens of cluttered options.

Works best with SearchWP (but SearchWP is not necessary)

SearchWP Live Ajax Search is best utilized in conjunction with SearchWP, but it is not required. If SearchWP is installed and activated, SearchWP Live Ajax Search can be customized to use any of your search engines per search form.


You can customize the implementation of SearchWP Live Ajax Search to a great degree, including any number of developer-defined configurations. The results are based on a template loader, allowing SearchWP Live Ajax Search to stay out of your way and letting you write the results template as you would any other WordPress theme file.

Everything is powered by adding a single HTML5 data attribute (data-swplive="true") to the input field of your search form. This happens automagically out of the box for any search forms generated from get_search_form().

Widget support

SearchWP Live Ajax Search ships with a Widget allowing you to insert live search forms wherever you’d like.



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