• Cloudflare WordPress 插件

    描述 此插件可以为您做什么 Automatic Platform Optimization (APO) Speed up your WordPress site by up to 300% with Cloudflare’s Automatic Platform Optimization (APO) plugin. APO allows Cloudflare to serve your entire WordPress site from our edge network of over 250…

    WordPress插件 2022年11月16日
  • All 404 Redirect to Homepage & Broken images Redirection WordPress 插件

    描述 By this plugin you can fix all random 404 links appear in you your website and redirect them to homepage or any other page using 301 SEO redirect. 404 error pages hurts the rank of your site in search engines. This smart plugin is a simple solutio…

    WordPress插件 2022年11月16日
  • Favicon by RealFaviconGenerator WordPress 插件

    描述 Generate and setup a favicon for desktop browsers, iPhone/iPad, Android devices, Windows 8 tablets and more. In a matter of seconds, design an icon that looks great on all major platforms. Favicon is not just a single favicon.ico file dropped in t…

    WordPress插件 2022年11月16日
  • Unyson WordPress 插件

    描述 Did you find this plugin helpful? Please consider leaving a 5-star review. Unyson – A free drag & drop framework that comes with a bunch of built in extensions that will help you develop premium themes fast & easy. Sponsored by: BitB…

    WordPress插件 2022年11月16日
  • Use Any Font | Custom Font Uploader WordPress 插件

    描述 Upload any custom fonts you wish and give your site a elegant look. Quickly change font without need of css knowledge. Or you can select from our 23,871+ predefined font collection to add in your site. It even has google fonts which you can store …

    WordPress插件 2022年11月16日
  • Members – Membership & User Role Editor Plugin WordPress 插件

    描述 Members is a roles and capabilities based WordPress membership plugin. It gives your users the ultimate member experience by giving you powerful tools to add roles and capabilities and assign them to your users. Members allows you to set permissio…

    WordPress插件 2022年11月16日
  • Simple Page Ordering WordPress 插件

    描述 Order your pages, hierarchical custom post types, or custom post types with “page-attributes” with simple drag and drop right from the built in page list. Simply drag and drop the page into the desired position. It’s that simple….

    WordPress插件 2022年11月16日
  • LoginPress | Custom Login Page Customizer WordPress 插件

    描述 LoginPress Plugin by LoginPress holds a lot of customization fields to change the layout of the login page of WordPress. You can modify the look and feel of login page completely even the login error messages, forgot error messages, registration e…

    WordPress插件 2022年11月16日
  • Post Duplicator WordPress 插件

    描述 This plugin was created to make an exact duplicate of a selected post. Custom post types are supported, along with custom taxonomies and custom fields. *Note: Comments are not passed to the new post. This plugin is simply meant to quickly and easi…

    WordPress插件 2022年11月16日
  • Customizer Export/Import WordPress 插件

    描述 Customizer Export/Import The Customizer Export/Import plugin allows you to export or import your WordPress customizer settings from directly within the customizer interface! If your theme makes use of the WordPress customizer for its settings, thi…

    WordPress插件 2022年11月16日
  • Translate Multilingual sites – TranslatePress WordPress 插件

    描述 Experience a better way to translate your WordPress site and go multilingual, directly from the front-end using a visual translation interface. TranslatePress是一个任何人都可以使用的WordPress翻译插件。 The interface allows you to easily translate the entire page a…

    WordPress插件 2022年11月16日
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